So Dazzul, Prevoisly Dazzul Design & Print, was orignally setup in 2007, mainly designing graphics for the boom that was online forums, as this slowly died down, or should I say facebook became mainstream there was no need for online forums as much any more.

Jump to 2009 and i moved away from online grahpics to printed goods, ranging from business cards and leaflets to sign writing. It was only when doing this more and more customers were asking for websites, but being at Univerity i could’nt manage both.

Now website design has been a passion of mine from a young age, 14. Due to the comitments needed for website design i decided to stop advertising my printing business and put my main focus on Websites while at Uni and continuing up till March 2015 when family commitments took over and i had to stop advertising and just maintain the websites i had already created.

Currnently im waiting for a time when advertising my services will be viable once again.

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